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Welcome to Skylink Worldwide

Skylink Worldwide is based freight forwarding and logistics service companies since 2008. We provide Characteristics services that cover a wide range of logistics needs to various businesses of all sizes. The management and staff of Skylink Worldwide are dedicated people with specialized knowledge and expertise. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers and their suppliers with professional and personalized services. Skylink worldwide having a experience & dedicated professionals offers a full range of Logistics solutions to meet the growing needs of its customers. We offer our customers, import & export services, packing of their valuable goods for safety arrival to their destinations.

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"Our Goal" To be the best and Characteristics Logistics service Company in Pakistan in 6 years.
"Team skylink"

Special offer for door delivery!
05KGS --> PKR 7460.00
10KGS --> PKR 12090.00
20KGS --> PKR 17950.00
25KGS --> PKR 20600.00

05KGS --> PKR 9500.00
10KGS --> PKR 15600.00
20KGS --> PKR 21170.00
25KGS --> PKR 23600.00

05KGS --> PKR 6400.00
10KGS --> PKR 9400.00
20KGS --> PKR 13000.00
25KGS --> PKR 15000.00